Register Students

Thank you for choosing Gibraltar School District, we are glad you are here! The Gibraltar School District is proud to offer high quality programming and opportunities for all students. We are here to help you through the enrollment process and welcome you to our learning community.

Resident enrollment for 2022/2023 and enrollment for the 2023/2024 school year (Kindergarten and/or Schools of Choice)  is ongoing, and begins with an online pre-enrollment process, which is linked below. Once the pre-enrollment is complete, the final page will provide directions on how to make an appointment to complete the rest of the enrollment process.

To begin, follow this link and complete online pre-enrollment. If you are looking to apply for out of district School of Choice, please also visit the School of Choice page. Please note the enrollment window for the 2022/2023 school year is closed.

In preparation for your appointment, please note that the following items will need to be brought with you to complete the registration process:

  • Original birth certificate

  • Immunization records

  • 3 acceptable proofs of residency

  • Custody paperwork (in the event there has been a divorce)

  • A copy of your child's most recent IEP (in the event your child has been previously receiving Special Education Services)

If you have completed pre enrollment, please schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment process.

We are happy to assist you through this process. If you have any questions, please call Student Services at 734-379-7115.