Positive Action Program

Designed to recognize and reward students for positive behavior.

Shumate Matrix





  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Stay quiet - classes are in progress

  • Hold doors for others

  • Walk face forward

  • Keep to the right

  • Keep hallways clear and clean

  • Go directly to your destination

  • Set a good example

  • During class use the hall pass

  • Follow directions


  • Respect privacy

  • Use kind words and actions

  • Use equipment and supplies properly

  • Wait your turn

  • Wash hands

  • Report problems to an adult

  • Walk at all times

  • Keep water in the sink

  • Throw trash in a receptacle

  • Use time wisely

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds 


  • Eyes and ears on speaker

  • Participate

  • Use appropriate applause

  • Enter and exit quietly

  • Enter and exit quietly

  • Walk at all times

  • Stay in the designated area

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Sit appropriately

  • Follow directions from adults


  • Maintain a clean Chromebook

  • Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook

  • Respect the hardware (Chromebook)

  • Communicate positively through email. 

  • Use your Chromebook for school-appropriate sites only

  • Keep private information private

  • Bring your Chromebook to school charged

  • Bring your Chromebook and charger to school every day


  • Respect other’s space

  • Use kind words and actions

  • Use an indoor voice

  • Follow directions from adults

  • Walk at all times

  • Stay seated until dismissal

  • Eat only your food

  • Raise your hand for help

  • Leave a clean table, chair, and floor

  • Sit with feet under the table


  • Take care of books and equipment

  • Respect others trying to read and learn

  • Be quiet

  • Follow directions from adults

  • Walk at all times

  • Stay on task

  • Put things away in their proper place

  • Return materials on time

  • Use time wisely


  • Pay attention to your  teacher

  • Follow instructions

  • Use kind words and actions

  • Raise your hand to speak

  • Participate

  • Use classroom materials appropriately

  • Walk at all times

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • Complete your work

  • Organize

  • Be ready to learn and try your best

  • Stay on task


  • Keep noise down

  • Use kind words and actions

  • Listen for your stop

  • Remember your bus name 

  • Stay seated face forward

  • Watch for traffic when entering/exiting

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Report problems to adult

  • Listen to the bus driver

  • No eating or drinking

  • Keep track of your belongings

  • Keep your backpack closed

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