Shumate Media Center

Hours of Operation

Monday: 10:10-3:10

Tuesday: 8:00-1:00

Wednesday: 8:00-1:00

Thursday: 10:10-3:10

Friday: 8:00-1:00

Click on the link below to access our online catalog:

The SMS library is a completely automated facility with almost 10,000 individual titles. Total books, including battle books (multiple copies of a title), boosts the total to 16,000. The sixth grade is involved with the Battle of the books. Battle books is a competition between every language arts class where groups of students read a range of 10 titles then go to a competition answering questions about the books to gain points and win prizes. The Parent Group provides Target gift card to the winning team for the sixth grade. Mr. Pehote, the CHS Librarian also treats winners to a breakfast at Carlson in the spring to encourage literacy.

The library budget and profit from the Scholastic Book Fair allow new books to be purchased throughout the school year. New books are put on the library shelves promptly.

The electronic card catalog can be assessed by any computer in the building or even on a home computer. Students check out books using their ID cards or number. Students can check out up to two books at a time and can renew books for an extra two weeks. Research in the library can be done using books or the computers. A total of 16 computers are available for students. Students may visit the library before school, during advisory, or during class, with a teachers permission.

Stop in for a visit. The SMS library is a pleasant place to be!

Automated Check-out

  • Students must have their IDs or know their ID number to check out books.

  • Students can have access to the electronic card catalog in the library using a computer and the SMS library web page.

  • A maximum number of books to be checked out: two

  • the 8th grade horticultural class has placed plants of various sizes in the library.

  • Books that are returned late will have a book fine of $.10 per day