"Last year, my kindergartner struggled so much: he was picked on, sent home and no one understood how to teach him. By the end of the school year, he was no longer a bubbly happy boy; he was miserable, and so were we. We decided, after looking at many other programs and schools, that maybe he was not made for the classroom. He is a hands on learner and requires some one on one attention to get caught back up. And then we found Lakeshore Virtual School. It offered my son the chance to enjoy learning again. He is now back to his old self and, most importantly, excited about learning. Lakeshore gave us an opportunity for us to learn at home, with a tailored curriculum and direct teacher access. He also loves the electives he can take through the partnership. We would have not been able to do this in a traditional school setting."

Parent of a First Grade Student  

"My children have thrived academically and socially due to the flexible scheduling and formatting options offered by Lakeshore Virtual School. I have been comforted by dealing with a dedicated staff who not only assist my children in achieving their education goals but mentor them to thrive in their areas of social weaknesses. I have and will continue to recommend Lakeshore Virtual School to other parents who feel an online education could benefit their child."

Parent of Students Second - Twelfth Grades  

"My son joined Lakeshore last year. It has been a wonderful journey so far. There are a variety of programs to choose from to fit your schedule, and very helpful teachers/mentors to help them every step of the way. Also, there are options for elective classes to keep your child occupied in activities. We absolutely love Lakeshore and would recommend it to everyone who is looking into homeschooling. This is homeschooling at its best."

Parent of a Fifth Grade Student  

"Lakeshore Virtual School is one of the best schools. This is the second year my son has attended and he enjoys it. The staff is very friendly and are always helpful. I used to have a problem with getting my son to go to school ever since his father passed away. Now he doesn't mind doing his school work. He likes the fact that he can do his school work when he is ready to and he doesn't have to miss out on his videos and doing stuff that he enjoys. I would and do often recommend Lakeshore."

Parent of an Eighth Grade Student  

"I am very impressed with the quality of this school . The school is very organized and they truly care about their students. I wish that I would've had this amazing opportunity when I was in High School. I cannot find the words to truly express my gratitude towards this program . If you are truly for a motivating, inspiring and caring environment for your student's education, you have found it here!"

Parent of a Former Lakeshore Student  

"I had a rough time in high school, but when I attended Lakeshore it changed my life. You get to have a great education with a flexible schedule, and I even got to graduate a year early! I was a super shy person in high school but Lakeshore helped me break out of my shell! I made lots of new friends there, and the weekly social events are very welcoming and fun! Derek Bezeau is so supportive and encouraging, and he really cares about each student! I would recommend Lakeshore to anyone, it's really a fantastic school!"

Lakeshore Graduate  

"I feel that Lakeshore Virtual School has given my family an amazing opportunity. My children are able still be part of the Gibraltar School District and do their work from home. Mr. Bezeau and his staff are always there to give the kids extra help and support whenever needed. My 17 year oId was able to graduate early. I am grateful for Lakeshore!"

Parent of a K, 3rd, 9th, 11th, and graduated student  

"Couldn't have been more impressed with the multiple ways my son can get help: online, at the school, one on one with the teachers, he's able to call and speak to a teacher and get the help he needs. Students can learn at their pace as long as they stay on task. I highly recommend this program to anyone that has a child/student that has a hard time with anxiety, social skills, or just really struggles in the classroom setting."

Parent of a High School Senior