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Lakeshore Virtual School

30550 W. Jefferson Ave.
Gibraltar, Michigan 48173

Main Office: (734) 379-7090
Fax Number: (734) 535-1979
Office Hours: Weekdays 7:30AM - 3:30PM

Danielle Zachary, Principal -
Antoinette Bilot, Secretary -
Darin Duperon, Counselor -

About Lakeshore

Mission Statement

Our mission at Lakeshore Virtual School is to create an individualized learning path for each child. It is our goal to foster a community feel in a virtual environment by creating numerous social and philanthropic opportunities for students.


  • Highly qualified school counselor on-site

  • Highly qualified, content-specific teachers for each class

  • Certified Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies teachers available on campus

  • On-site mentor to monitor progress and provide support

  • Virtual tutoring sessions readily available with a live expert

  • Ability to modify and personalize courses to match student academic needs

  • Side-by-side tutoring sessions available on campus

  • On-site small group instruction for concepts that are challenging to master online


Lakeshore Virtual School offers students the option to complete coursework on their own time at their own location, while still receiving support needed for success.


Students at Lakeshore Virtual School need only 18 credits to receive a Michigan Merit Curriculum High School Diploma.


Lakeshore students have many opportunities available to them that might be different from other schools. Some of these include:

  • On-site career and technical courses offered through DCTC Program (Downriver Career and Technical Consortium)

  • Dual enrollment with local community colleges

  • Elective offerings with weekly hands-on applications offered within the community. These courses are created by partnering with local businesses, community experts, and community centers. St. Mary's in Rockwood will be the location for many of these unique elective courses.

  • Social events planned throughout the year

  • Philanthropic events to help in the community

More Information

Campus Directions and Map

We are located inside Carlson High School. Please see the map below for campus parking and our entrance location.

Lakeshore Virtual School Gibraltar School District

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