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Sydney Cox (Childers) is our most recent Lakeshore graduate. Upon graduating, Sydney married her high school sweetheart and current United States Marine. She decided to enroll with Lakeshore because she wanted to be able to work during the day in order to save money to move to Camp Pendleton in California to be with her husband. Now that Sydney is graduated, she plans to attend MiraCosta Community College to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), while also attending Central Michigan University’s Global Campus online, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science, Option in Community Development (Health Sciences). While in California, she hopes to learn how to surf and plans to help out with the Marine Corps as much as possible, hopefully going on field ops with them and helping distribute food and water or whatever else they may need her to do. We asked Sydney to share advice for others considering online learning. She said, “Switching to online was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I definitely learn best on my own, and I enjoyed being able to decide for myself how much material I would cover in a day, and being on my own schedule with work as well. It’s easy to get ahead if you dedicate the time to it. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone who is contemplating switching to just do it. Make a plan and set a goal for yourself, and don’t let yourself get behind any more than 2-3 assignments at a time (also, work on the weekends!), and you’ll be fine.” Sydney has been a superstar in our program and we are confident that she will be a superstar in life!

 Mikayla Reeves-Hazelwood is one of our first Lakeshore graduates for the 2017-2018 school year. Because of her consistent work ethic and commitment to her classes, she was able to finish her graduation requirements a semester early. In addition to her academics, Mikayla has proven to be friendly, well-spoken, and respectful. Throughout the past year, she has assisted with multiple Lakeshore volunteer events and has attended many different social activities. Her favorite memory at Lakeshore was raking leaves for citizens in the community, which was one of Lakeshore’s first volunteer opportunities. When asked about the event, she said, “Everyone had so much fun working as a team.” In the fall, Mikayla plans to attend Wayne County Community College to complete her prerequisites before deciding on a career path. Lakeshore is thrilled to be a part of Mikayla’s journey. We know she is destined for great things!Inline image 1 

Lakeshore is excited to spotlight our most recent graduate, Krystie Sandecki. As a new mom, Krystie had to overcome many challenges in order to get to this point. However, she didn’t let these challenges deter her from graduating; in fact, it made her more driven to finish. It was incredible for the whole Lakeshore staff to witness Krystie’s work ethic. All of us could tell that Krystie valued a high school diploma by her consistent work completion, ability to seek help, and the conversations she shared with her teachers. Now that Krystie has graduated, she plans to go to college to become a nurse. Lakeshore truly believes that Krystie has a bright future ahead of her!