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LVS Student of the Month

LVS would like to recognize our March Student of the Month--Ahmed Abdul-Latif. Each Student of the Month is based off of our acronym LVS Pride. Our second letter, V, represents Versatility. This student has shown versatility at LVS by participating in a variety of activities. Besides excelling in his LVS courses, Ahmed is currently working on memorizing the Quran, the Arabic Holy Book. This is no easy task as he memorizes 1 new page each day from 11am-2:30pm and is tested each day on his current and former lessons. In addition, Ahmed has a red belt in Taekwondo and plays soccer for Downriver Rush. He also loves to read and build a variety of Lego creations. We are extremely proud of Ahmed and are thrilled to recognize him as our Student of the Month for Versatility.

LVS would like to recognize our February Student of the Month--Theo Ciotti. Each Student of the Month is based off of our acronym LVS Pride. Our first letter, L, represents Leadership. This student has shown leadership at LVS by always being on progress or ahead in his classes. He consistently does above average work in his classes and is currently ranked number 1 in his class at LVS! Besides a leader in academics, Theo is always polite, respectful, and very hard-working. We are extremely proud of Theo and are thrilled to recognize him as our Student of the Month for Leadership. 



LVS Teacher of the Month

Each month LVS students have the opportunity to recognize their mentor teachers for all their hard work and dedication by voting them as teacher of the month.

For March, students awarded Ms. Wagner with this award. Ms. Wagner has been teaching at LVS for 2 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree from U of M--Dearborn with a double major in English and Special Education and she is the Play Director at THS.  Students voted for Ms. Wagner for a variety of reasons. Students appreciate her hard work and dedication to helping them at all times during day, even at the least convenient time. She is extremely caring, positive, and excepting and makes an effort to help students be the same. LVS staff and students are very proud of Ms. Wagner’s accomplishments. Congratulations Ms. Wagner on being Lakeshore’s March Teacher of the Month!.

For February, students awarded Ms. Firsdon with the Teacher of the Month Award. Ms. Firsdon has been with LVS since it was established. She has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toledo and is finishing up a Master of Education with an Educational Technology endorsement degree at U of M--Dearborn. Students voted for Ms. Firsdon for many reasons. Students appreciate her understanding and caring nature. She is always quick to respond to students and provides multiple ways to learn difficult material. Finally, she has been extremely helpful with postgraduate information and will always take the time to research information for students. Congratulations Ms. Firsdon on being Lakeshore’s February Teacher of the Month!.