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Contact Information:
Office Phone: 734-379-7111
Office Fax: 734-379-7170

Mrs. Mimma Palazzolo
Counselor, A-G
Phone: 734-379-7114
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Mrs. Jennifer Trush
Counselor H-O
Phone: 734-379-7133
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Mrs. Kelly D. Walters
Counselor, P-Z
Phone: 734-379-7113
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Counseling Info

The Counseling Center assists students in the process of their personal, social, academic, and vocational development. This process is facilitated through regular individual and/or group meetings. In these meetings, a student is encouraged to explore and understand his/her concerns so that he/she can make decisions and set achievable goals on which to act. The Counseling Center also provides information and materials needed by students to pursue their educational and vocational plans.

Areas of Service

  • Personal, educational, and career counseling (individually and in groups);

  • Assistance in the post high school decision-making process, especially regarding college selection and career exploration through:

    • current college information,

    • college applications and recommendations,

    • scholarship and Financial Aid information.

  • Helping students to communicate effectively with others (teachers, parents, students, administrators), which may include meetings and/or conferences;

  • Guidance in the scheduling and selection of classes;

  • Conferences regarding a student's progress with parents, teachers, and administration.

Counselor Appointments

Students with last names starting with A - G, CLICK HERE to make an appointment with Mrs. Palazzolo

Students with last names starting with H - O, CLICK HERE to make an appointment with Mrs. Trush

Students with last names starting with P - Z, CLICK HERE to make an appointment with Mrs. Walters