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Good morning Marauder families,

I hope this message finds you doing well as we enter into our last week of October and eighth week of school. It's hard to believe we are the halfway point of the semester in this year that has been full of learning and new for all of us, but especially our staff and students.

I sent out Schoology access codes to each parent/guardian with a valid email address on file. If you haven't received this email, please contact the main office so that you can get connected to Schoology. Teachers will not be using Mi-Star Parent Connect for anything other than reporting attendance and posting grades to transcripts. All daily work/grades will be recorded in Schoology. We have a video link below that shows you how to navigate all of the features of Schoology:

Schoology Parent Video

Schoology allows you to see much more than you could see on Parent Connect including whether an assignment was turned in and what that assignment looks like. This is a powerful feature to allow parents and teachers to better partner in supporting student learning. We will be working through our list of families who are not connected to ensure that everyone is connected to Schoology as it will be an important tool especially if we have to transition to remote learning. While a transition to remote learning is never planned, when it has happened in our district and others, there is never a lot of lead time.

Our teachers are continuing to explore new teaching techniques and tech tools as we work to engage our students in learning. Our partitions and masks, while keeping our students very safe, have definitely been a barrier to engagement that we have had to work to overcome. Students are quieter than normal and it's just one more indicator that we are all looking forward to a time when things resemble school as we know it. Until then, I appreciate all of the work and commitment our students and staff have put into pushing through this discomfort to find a way to become engaged in learning.

Recently, the Wayne County Health Department has updated the COVID-19 screener for families. It is attached to this message and should be used in place of the old screener. Although not much has changed, I want to make sure you have the most up-to-date version. It is important to remember that when you notice or your child indicates they have one or more of these symptoms without an underlying explanation of why (for example, seasonal allergies, history of migraines, etc.), he/she will need to be seen by a doctor and we will need to have a doctor's note indicating that your child has been seen and they are cleared of COVID-19 or we will need a negative COVID-19 test. We will do our very best in the office to help walk you through these scenarios but will not put the safety of our staff or students at risk.

Finally, I want to extend my congratulations to our Girls Golf and Boys Tennis team for making it to the state finals this year as well as our Boys Soccer team who made it to district finals. Additionally, Volleyball came in second in the downriver league! We are very proud of our Marauders for working so hard and getting it done both on and off the field of play.

I hope you have a fantastic week and a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend. Don't forget to fall back an hour next Sunday!


Jessica Shultz
Carlson High School

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