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Good evening Marauder Families,


I wanted to reach out to provide more information regarding the last email I sent about student parking, 3/1/19. On Friday, March 1st, 2019 Carlson High School will again be hosting the FIRST Robotics competition during the school day in the athletic areas of the building. This event includes many participating school districts' robotics teams and draws a huge crowd. Because of this, the normal parking areas for students will be used for event parking and, consequently, will not be available for student parking that day. We are recommending the following options for those students who normally drive to school:


  • Ride the bus to school

  • Get dropped off by a parent that day

  • Carpool with other drivers and park their car in the lot of Systrand Manufacturing located on Woodruff or Southpointe Church off of Fort. There will be a school bus shuttle to the building from there.  Students wishing to exercise this option should get a pass from Mrs. Wilson in the main office so that we can inform both places of what vehicles to expect.


We will have signs for robotics parking only at all of the entrances and parent volunteers will be assisting Gibraltar Police in reminding any students who attempt to park in the lot that it is closed for the day. Students who ignore this request will be ticketed for parking illegally.


We understand that this is an inconvenience to our students and hope you can understand the importance of an event like this and being great hosts for our visitors. We further understand that this could be an opportune day to allow your junior or senior child who drives an opportunity for off-campus learning, college visits, or career exposure opportunities. If that is your choice as a parent, please have your student document his or her experience and bring that documentation to the office on Monday, March 4th for our attendance records.


Please also considering checking out this wonderful event that will be held on 3/1 and 3/2 in our main gym.


Thank you,


Jessica Shultz


Carlson High School 


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