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Good afternoon Marauders,

We've made it and only have a few short days left until the end of the school year!  I wanted to give a quick update about information as we approach the end so that everyone is on the same page for the schedule and last-minute activities.

Locker Cleanout
On June 9th, students will clean out their lockers during Advisory.  Students should take all of their personal items home.

Final Exams
Students will be taking final exams on Friday (6/10), Monday (6/13), and Tuesday (6/14).  The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 6/10
1st and 2nd hour exams (90 minutes each).  The remainder of the day will be the rest of the bell scheduled (hours 3 - 6)

Monday, 6/13
3rd and 4th hour exams (90 minutes each).  Half day, dismissal at 10:50.  Transportation runs as usual at the school start and end time for the day.

Tuesday, 6/14 - Last Day of School
5th and 6th hour exams (90 minutes each).  Half day, dismissal at 10:50.  Transportation runs as usual at the school start and end time for the day.

Students will turn in their chromebook, charger, and case on this last day.  They will be given a note card with their information and teachers will indicate that all items were turned in and verify working condition of items turned in.

Grades/Report Cards
Grades will be updated in our Mi-Star system by 6/15/2022.  We will then send official report cards out and I would anticipate they will arrive at homes by 6/25/22.

***If a student needs summer school or thinks they might need summer school to make up missing credit, please make sure to connect with our counselors so that we can get that scheduled.  Summer school begins on 6/20 and ends 8/4.

As we wind down this school year, I want to thank all of our staff, students, and families for taking the journey toward more normalcy this school year and remaining flexible with the changes that it brought.  I hope everyone has a terrific summer and we will see students back for Prep Day on 8/25/22!


Jessica Shultz
Carlson High School

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