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Good afternoon,


As we approach the time when we begin scheduling classes for the 19-20 school year, I wanted to send you some information about changes to the process.


The first change is that this year, all students will be scheduling their requests for classes online.  Course requests for students are extremely important and how we determine the number of each class that we will offer.  We do not schedule back up classes for students and don't know what each student wants to take without their input, so please encourage your child to follow along with his/her counselor as they go through this process.


The other change is regarding Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment college classes.  Typically, we hold an in-person meeting to discuss the expectations of these classes and then provide students/parents with contracts for the classes.  This year, we are going to an online version of this meeting that can be found at the following link:


AP & Dual Enrollment Video


The contracts for both classes are attached to this email and will also be placed on the website.  


We will also be revealing some new classes that we are going to be offering that are in the finalized stages of development very shortly.  I'm confident that these new courses are going to open many doors for our students and so excited for this opportunity!


If you or your child have questions throughout the scheduling process please contact his/her counselor.  Their contact information can be found below:


Mrs. Palazzolo (last names A - G,, 734-379-7114)

Mrs. Trush (last names H - O,, 734-379-7133)

Mrs. Walters (last names P - Z,, 734-379-7113)


Thank you,


Jessica Shultz


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