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Good afternoon senior families,


I can't believe that I'm writing this and it's the week of graduation.  It seems like just yesterday that the Class of 2019 came in to Carlson full of excitement, nerves, and energy.  I'm so proud of how far they've come and excited for their future. As we get ready for graduation, I want to make sure to share graduation information with you again so that I can include answers to some of the questions that we have received.


I'm attaching the same information I sent out earlier in May in case that has been lost or misplaced.  This has all of the information about end of year for seniors.


Senior breakfast and graduation rehearsal are tomorrow.  Seniors will get their cap and gowns tomorrow at this student-only event.  Before students get their ceremony gear, they need to make sure they've settle all debts with cafeteria, technology, athletics, activities, and library.  After this practice, students will be participating in the senior walk. This is an awesome time for seniors to visit and see how far they've come. All schools do a great job celebrating our seniors' accomplishments and it is a great photo opportunity!


Students will also be receiving their tickets for graduation tomorrow.  Each student will get 8 tickets and tickets only need to be used if graduation is indoors.  Each year, we try very hard to hold the ceremony outside and so far, it looks like the weather is cooperating for Friday.  If your family needs extra tickets for some reason and borrowing from other families who don't need them isn't an option, please see my secretary, Mrs. Wilson as we have some extra tickets.  Please remember ticket are only necessary inside.


If you are looking to purchase flowers for your graduate, there will be a company there on the day of graduation with flowers available who gives some of the proceeds back to the school.  


We also have a few yearbooks left for purchase and wanted to offer those to seniors first.  If you would like to get a yearbook, please contact Erika Madgwick at


I'm looking forward to Friday and cannot wait to celebrate with you!  It has been a privilege to get to know and work with these seniors and is an even bigger privilege to get to celebrate their hard work!  What we forget to say sometimes is that we could not do this without you. Please take a moment in these next few days to really sit back and soak in your own accomplishments in raising this human to an adult -- all of the late nights, hours cheering, smiles and laughs shared, tough times, and countless other moments in between that you made a reality that have culminated in this day.  


See you Friday!


Thank you,


Jessica Shultz


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