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Good morning,

​I hope this ​finds you doing well as winter has officially taken hold of ​our community (if you see ​our halls - inside too!).  I wanted to send a ​couple of reminders as we get closer to the end of the semester.

  • The placement (in person or online) that you selected at the beginning of the year is for the year.  There have been some requests to make a shift one way or the other at the semester and those will be considered on a case-by-case basis given the circumstances, a student's success in either setting, and available staffing.
  • Winter Break runs 12/18 - 1/2
  • Final Exams are scheduled for 1/26 - 1/28 with 1/27 and 1/28 scheduled as half days.


  • We have updated our protocols and require all students to have their backpacks in their locker.
  • We have had some students who are going out to their cars for lunches and have changed this so that all students are required to eat in the building.

​Please take a minute to ​join us for some of our holiday concerts that we have coming up ​this weekend with Choir and ​Band next Tuesday at 7:00 pm.  They do have the best way of getting you in the holiday spirit!

Jessica Shultz
Carlson High School

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