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We are the Hunter Family School Association. As a parent and teacher organization, it is our mission to support Hunter students by providing fun family bonding opportunities, supportive learning programs, and a friendly space for parents who wish to take an active role in their child’s learning environment.

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2022/2023 HFSA Committee Members

Shira Covington- President

Shira Covington is excited to serve the Hunter community as the HFSA President. She is a mom to 2 current Hunter Hornets and 2 future Hornets. Shira enjoys her career in Higher Education Student Affairs and teaching dance and tumbling classes at a dance studio in Metro-Detroit. She is excited to continue to support the staff and provide students of Hunter with awesome experiences and opportunities!

Kerry Guiliano- Vice President

Kerry Guiliano is a Mom of two Hunter Hornets and is proud to be a Hunter parent and to serve on the HFSA! She is also a teacher at a public school in Metro Detroit.

Danielle Kerns- Treasurer

Danielle Kerns is a proud girl mom of three beautiful daughters- Reese (3rd grade), Stella (Kindergarten), and Emma (Preschool). She and her husband Nick are both Financial Advisors at Thrivent Financial. This is her first year serving as HFSA Treasurer. She is very excited to be a part of the HFSA and is looking forward to an amazing year at Hunter Elementary! 

Stephanie Pillette- Secretary

Stephanie Pillette is the mom of two Hunter Hornets in 4th and 5th grade, and a future Hunter Hornet who is 3 years old. She is a registered nurse and also dog mom to Mack, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Stephanie is excited to be the HFSA Secretary for the second year! 

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Danielle Oubeck- Programs Coordinator

Hi Hunter families! I’m Danielle Oubeck. I’m serving my 2nd year as the Programs Coordinator and self-proclaimed ‘teacher appreciation enthusiast‘ for the HFSA. I’m mom to third grader Kennedy, a registered nurse, and chauffeur to our Newfoundland pup, Muggsy. As a former Hunter Hornet myself, I am excited to be a part of HFSA to help give back to the school. Hunter students, staff, and families are the absolute best. If you’re interested in joining the HFSA or helping out and you don’t know where to start, you can always message me! (Just don’t call…I don’t answer my phone ). Here’s to a great year!

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Holly Heyer- Publicity Coordinator

My name is Holly Heyer, and I participate on the HFSA Board, serving as the Publicity Coordinator.  This year will be my third year on the HFSA Board, and I am excited to work with our students and staff with some of the exciting activities and experiences we have planned for this year.  I am not only an alumnus of U of D Mercy and MCCC, but I am also a lifelong resident and graduate of GSD schools. By trade I am a RN of 22 years, and I am grateful my career has brought me to a place where I have the flexibility to be so involved with school experiences.  My husband Tim and I have two boys who attend Hunter.  I love meeting and working with Hunter family members and staff at school events.  PS - if you have ever received a popcorn envelope, a thank you note, or a sign-up genius reminder . . . it was probably from me on behalf of our team.  My interests include celebrating our staff and students, working with family members to help staff these events, and I am also passionate about food allergy (safety) for both our students and staff.  Both of my children have food allergies and I believe it is important to make sure that all children feel included and safe when it comes to activities at school where treats may be involved.