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National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a service and academic club based on four cornerstones: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Sponsors:  Mrs. Gresham and Ms. Wright

Below you will find a list of requirements for eligibility, the procedures of the selection process, probation, dismissal, and a link to the application.


1.    Grades must be all A's and B's.

2.   No office referrals (ODR’s) throughout 6th and 7th grade.

3.   Less than 10 non-medical absences throughout 6th  and 7th grade.


Selection Procedure and Process

1.   Eligible students will be either mailed or directly given a letter of eligibility and application.

2.   Applications must be returned by the established deadline (late applications will NOT be accepted.

3.   A recommendation spreadsheet will be sent out to teachers with a list of students who are eligible and met the deadline; these will be taken into consideration.

4.   A committee of five people will carefully examine each application, essay and recommendation.

5.   Those selected will be invited to an induction ceremony.


Probation and Dismissal

The NJHS expects all its members to uphold themselves to each standard both inside of school and out.  In the possibility of dismissal, members of the NJHS Committee will put it to a vote.

Members may be put on probation for the following:

·    Five non-medical absences

·    Behavior issues

·    C or lower for one marking period

Members may be dismissed for the following:

·    10 non-medical absences

·    Office referral(s)

·    C- or lower for more than one marking period



NJHS Application