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Ms. Antosiewicz (A-K)

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Phone Number : 734-379-7612

Mr. Roman (L-Z)

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Phone Number : 734-379-7611


PSAT Information and Resources

We encourage students ages 13 and older to set up a College Board account. It makes it easy for them to access their scores and provides useful tools for every step of their journey to college. Just remind them to link their parents' email to their account when they sign up, so they'll also get reminders and college planning guidance from the College Board.

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Elective Scheduling Forms for 2021-22


Current 5th Grade Students

6th Grade Elective Course Descriptions 

6th Grade Elective Schedule Selection Link 

 Grade 6 Electives 21-22


Current 6th Grade Students

7th Grade Elective Course Descriptions 

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 Grade 7 Electives 21-22


Current 7th Grade Students

8th Grade Elective Course Descriptions 

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 Grade 8 Electives 21-22