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Mentor Contact Information

Lakeshore Mentors

Every student at Lakeshore Virtual is assigned a mentor.  Mentors are responsible for maintaining weekly contact with their assigned students, providing academic support when needed, and troubleshooting problems. Along with guidance, mentors strive to help each of their students meet Lakeshore expectations.

Mr. Andrew Burgess CHS Special Education 734-379-7134  
Ms. Evelyn Cramton CHS 9-12 734-379-7138  
Ms. Jennifer Daviddi K-2 734-379-4734  
Ms. Amy Hulderman LVS 6-8 734-379-7660  
Ms. Brooke Hunter LVS Special Education 734-379-7120  
Ms. Crystal Firsdon LVS/CHS 11-12 734-379-7094 734-325-4532
Ms. Katie Kamprath SMS 6-8 734-379-7066 734-215-5365
Ms. Kelly LaButte 2-5 734-379-4302  
Ms. Erika Madgwick CHS 9-12 734-379-7175  
Ms. Kristine Moritz LVS 9-11 734-379-7095 734-203-0008
Ms. Brianne Swift LVS Special Education 734-379-7096 734-288-8317
Ms. Cheyla Wagner LVS/CHS 6-12 734-379-7093 734-288-8226
Ms. Sarah Wellman CHS 9-12 734-379-7637