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Gibraltar School District offers online courses that are open to ALL of our students. If you are interested in an online or extended learning opportunity for your child, please look over the course offerings below and contact your school administrator for more information.

K-12 Course Guide 2022-23

Partnership Electives Reference Sheet

9th Grade Courses Reference Sheet

10th Grade Courses Reference Sheet

11th Grade Courses Reference Sheet

12th Grade Courses Reference Sheet

DCTC Quick Reference Guide

Middle School Electives Reference Sheet

When considering an online education, parents should carefully consider the unique qualities of their child. In order to be successful, virtual students should be able to:

  • Apply themselves to their studies in a focused and serious manner
  • Work independently and self-motivate
  • Work hard and become engaged in their lessons and activities
  • Improve areas of personal weakness while capitalizing on personal strengths
  • Maintain an active study regimen and stay on top of all assignment deadlines
  • Recognize when assistance is needed and seek that assistance in a timely manner
  • Establish a strong communication line with instructors and mentor
  • Be goal oriented and have a desire to learn and succeed
  • Be self-disciplined in regards to study habits
  • Frequently get support from their parent and/or learning coach
  • Manage time effectively
  • Navigate on the computer
  • Proficiently read and write

If you are interested in online learning for your child, please call Lakeshore Virtual School for additional information: (734) 379-7090.


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