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We are the Hunter Family School Association. As a parent and teacher organization, it is our mission to support Hunter students by providing fun family bonding opportunities, supportive learning programs, and a friendly space for parents who wish to take an active role in their child’s learning environment.

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2019/2020 HFSA Committee Members
Amy Dunwoody - President

My name is Amy Dunwoody and I am serving as your HFSA President. I work full time as an Engineer for General Motors but make it a priority to be a part of my kids' school functions. I am happily married to my husband Ken, who is a teacher in the district at Shumate Middle School. We have four awesome kids, Kendall - who is a 10th grader at Carlson, Lauren - who is in 6th grade at Shumate, Jack - who is in 4th grade at Hunter and Sydney who is in 1st at Hunter.  This is my first year as HFSA President and 3rd year on the HFSA Board and prior to that, served as Shumate Parent Group Treasurer for two years.  I love Hunter Elementary, I love our teachers and I love our students! I am so excited to be a part of the HFSA and to be able to help bring fun and exciting experiences to our students. I hope to get to know more parents during this time and build relationships that will last for many years!


Katie Biro - Vice President

Rebecca Brockington - Secretary

As an educator, I have taught students across all ages of PreK-12, "from Sesame Street to Shakespeare." Serving as Curriculum Administrator at Children's Place Montessori in Brownstown, I absolutely love working with children and using all my creative skills to best to support their learning needs. As a former teacher in the Gibraltar School District, I'm proud to have my three children attending Hunter and Carlson. #GSDProud

I'm excited to serve our Hunter School Community as HFSA Secretary and Box Tops Parent Coordinator.

Thank you for being part of our school community, and for Helping Hunter Grow!


Diana Radford - Programs Coordinator

Kristy DiPasquale - Publicity Coordinator