Chapman Elementary School

Gibraltar School District

31500 Olmstead Rd.

Rockwood, Michigan 48173

Phone: (734) 379-6380

Fax: (734) 441-3188

Mrs. Jennifer S. Sheldon, Principal

Mrs. Dawn Locke, Administrative Assistant

Our school hours:

Full Day: 8:38 am to 3:38 pm

Half Day: 8:38 am to 11:55 pm

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Emergency School Closing

In the event of a school closing, please tune radio to local stations (WJR or WWJ) or local television stations. The district will also send out an email and/or text message through our district e-blast system. PLEASE make sure your contact information is always updated so that you can stay informed.

Arrival and Dismissal

Adults need to park in the parking lot and wait until 8:33 to walk their child up to the building. All grade levels have designated entrance doors at various points around the building and those entrance doors will have greeters until 8:38. If your child arrives at school after 8:38 then he/she must enter through the front doors only.

At dismissal, each grade level has a designated time in order to stagger the students when leaving the building. Please wait by your child’s exit door which is the same as the entrance door while practicing social distancing. Please plan to leave immediately with your child again so that we can minimize any gathering as other grade levels leave the building, too.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick your child up early from school, please call the office (734-379-6380) when you are in the parking lot. Mrs. Locke or a designee will walk your child out the front door to meet you. Please be prepared to show ID at that time, too.

Dropping Off  Belonging or Forgotten Items

If you need to bring an item to your child such as their lunch, gym shoes, or their technology device, please go to the front door and ring the buzzer. Mrs. Locke or a designee will buzz you into the foyer area only. You may use the supplies provided to put your child’s name on the item and place it into the appropriate grade level container. After you leave, a staff member will take that item to your child.


Gibraltar School District is HAPPY to announce that all students up to age 18 can get a FREE breakfast and Lunch while the program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture | Food and Nutrition Service is available. Please watch for a monthly menu to be shared with you. If you have any questions regarding Food Service, please call (734) 379-9330.

The application for free or reduced lunches is available from the school office, or by calling the Food Services Department at (734) 379-9330.

Champions Information

Champions is a state licensed before and after school program at Chapman School for those families who need child care services. The program provides services from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. Due to our Virtual Wednesdays, Champions does provide child care on this day from the same time with the location to be determined based on the number of participants . Please call (734)379-6383 for registration and fee information.

Mission Statement

The mission of Chapman Elementary School is to instill the desire for life long learning by creating a safe and nurturing environment where all students will learn daily through a variety of educational strategies based upon best practices.


Chapman School opened with its first principal, Thelma Hawn Fredericks in 1960. Chapman School was named after Rockwood's first bank manager for Peoples Bank, Melvin Chapman. In 1975, a media center and 8 classrooms were added to the original building. Another renovation occurred where one classroom and a custodian's storage space were added. Then in 1999 an outdoor classroom was added where children can experience hands on activities such as measuring, graphing, planting, observing animals in their natural habitat, and calculating weather.