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The Beast

The BEAST is a ten event work out/conditioning challenge that players compete in at the end of winter workouts, before the season starts. It tests the strength, endurance and mental toughness of the competitors. The ten events are held over three days and competitors are ranked on how they finish in each event. Point totals are then assigned to each place and then the ten events are added up. The highest total is the BEAST for that year.


200 meter swim

Push ups

Shuttle run

Sand bag relay

Plate pinchers

Michigan bench press

Towel hang

Pull ups

Mile run

Tire flip

2010 BEAST - Tony Skuratovich

2011 BEAST - Tony Skuratovich

2012 BEAST - Kyle Frazho

2013 Beast- Andrew Moore

2014 Beast- Noah McLean

2015 Beast- Kyle Howard/Kyle Hesson

2016 The Beast was not run in 2016. Ryan Kroll won the golden shoe for the fastest mile, 5:21.