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The Carlson baseball coaching staff strives to create an environment where student/athletes can grow as players and individuals. In order to achieve this, we expect players to have a good work ethic, be respectful, and have a commitment to our program. Players need to be involved in off season activities and when the season starts, be committed to be in attendance every day. We play or practice Monday through Saturday all weeks of the season from day one, no exceptions! The way young men carry themselves in the classroom, on the field and away from the field is a reflection of the program and the parents. We expect high character and citizenship. It is what you do when no one is looking. These things define how important (or not important) the game is to these young men. We play a TEAM game and believe in that concept. Not everyone can play at the same time and players /parents need to understand their roles. Successful groups have players that understand their small part or big part is a piece of the success. We hope that players have a positive experience in the program. This starts at home. The lessons taught on the field or in the classroom need to be reinforced at home. Even in frustrating times, we need to find the positives as negativity breeds discontent. This is no good for anyone and leads to problems which result in a negative experience. Carlson baseball wants to strive for the highest success for our team and foster the development of players. Our alumni are part of this program and we need their positive contributions to reinforce what is expected when someone wears the Carlson C. - GO BLUE!

A players earns a varsity letter by appearing in 10 games, having 10 at bats or pitching 10 innings. Coaches consider each players contribution to the team when awarding the varsity letter.