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Carlson started competing in baseball in 1965. They were a member of the Lakeshore Conference from 65 to 68. Carlson moved to the Huron League for the next 25 years (69-93). The athletic teams then moved to the Michigan Mega Conference from 94-09. After 16 years in the Mega League, 10 teams decided to leave and form the Downriver League starting play in the fall of 2009. This group of schools is just south of Detroit and no one has to travel more than 18 miles to get to any site.

The baseball league is very competitive and includes a diverse group of teams. 6 of the 10 teams won 20 games or more in the spring of 2009 and 4 of then went on to win district championships.

Enrollment #’s

School -------------09---11---13---15---18-----19-- championships

Truman -----------1767-1281-1131-1136-1019-------------------

Southgate -------1663-1519-1409-1335-1263-1206---- 94 runner up

Woodhaven ---- 1662-1565-1502-1528-1569-1628----18 Runner Up

Kennedy ---------1400-1205-1147-1193-1042------------88 runner up (Steve Avery)

Wyandotte ----- 1312-1289-1373-1346-1345--1376

Lincoln Park ----1275-1295-1377-1363-1291--1227

Allen Park -------1171-1194-1103-1058-1078--1105

Carlson ----------1085-1103-1173-1140-1125---1114------ 77 state champs

Trenton ----------981-954-928-953-911-------914--------94 state champs (JJ Putz)

Melvindale ----- 851-896-860-807-956-----1022


Edsel Ford----------------------------------------1393