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Chad Liptow - Bio


Chad Liptow, Carlson Baseball Coach

Coach Liptow played four years of varsity baseball under Dave Sontag at Jefferson High School as an outfielder and a catcher. Unfortunately, a sliding injury left a metal plate and eleven screws in his ankle and ended any chance of finishing his senior year. After graduating, Liptow coached at Jefferson for 10 years before being hired as a fourth grade teacher at Chapman. In 2003, he moved up to teach eighth grade history at Shumate and was hired to coach varsity baseball in the spring. Coach Liptow is a graduate of the University of Toledo and also worked on the assembly line at Ford Motor Co. for 5 years. He coached six years of JV football, two years at the freshman level and three years at the eighth grade level with a record of 61-19-3.

04-20 varsity baseball coach- Carlson

01-03 8th grade coach Shumate (1-7-1, 4-5, 3-7)

97-00 part time program assistant- Jefferson

95-96 JV assistant coach- Jefferson

93-94 head freshman coach- Jefferson (12-10, 12-8)

91-92 freshman assistant coach- Jefferson

87-90 player at Jefferson


Jim Lancaster- (06-15 varsity assistant) (16-17 8th coach) 99 Carlson grad, played 1 yr at U of D, graduate of MSU

Pat Giles- (08-12) 02 Carlson grad, played 1 yr Adrian (4yrs football), graduate of Adrian

Kelly Scheffler- (08-20) 87 Carlson grad

Greg Brake- (12-15) pitched at Western Michigan and drated by Oakland A's, pitched 3 yrs in minors

Ray Howard (16-20)

Jeremy Bagnall 17- JV assistant

Jason Gendron- 17, 7th coach, Jefferson grad, member of 2002 state title team

Tyler Bondy (13-14) Jefferson grad- member of 2002 state championship team

Jeff Taylor- (10,12) (14-15) 9th coach, 06 Carlson grad (17-9th assistant)

Dan Brown (14-15 freshman assistant) 16-17 freshman head coach

Mike Louria -16 freshman assistant

Chris Langdon (14)

Mike Jordan- (09) 89 Carlson grad

Todd Skopczynski- (JV coach 02-19) Crestwood grad, Eastern grad, also a football referee

Mo Cobb (13-16) jv/varsity assistant, member of 2002 state champs at Jefferson

Jason Bernardo (16) jv assistant

Andrew Machcinski (15) jv assistant

Troy Roberts (14), jv assistant

Dennis Gundick (12) 9th coach, also hockey coach

Greg Wiesman (12) 9th coach

Mark Brannan (11) 09 Carlson grad, jv assistant

Brad Gostomski- (10) jv assistant

Andrew Ryba- (10) jv assistant

Dan Wakefield (12) jv assistant

Trevor Kessell- (8th coach 08-13), 06-07 varsity assistant, Airport grad, Eastern grad

Nick Winrow- MS assistant

Greg Dolson- (7th coach 09-10) (8th coach-14), Taylor Center grad, 4yr Marine, U of M grad

Kent Sikora (7th coach-11-14), also football coach

Malcolm McLean (15) 7/8 coach

Noah McLean (15)

Tino Marquez

Vince Marquez

Mark Jager (04)

Adam Ruffner (05)

Eric Steigel (06)