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In 2004, the baseball field under went renovations and the team could not play there that spring. The school bond issue resurfaced the field, put a sprinkler system in and put up fencing. We wanted to improve the facilities, so as a team we tore down and rebuilt the dugouts in 04-05. The project was completed by the start of 06. The school purchased scoreboards for both baseball and softball in 06. Next, we started the press box/concession facility in 07 and it was completed by the start of 09. These projects were completely funded and built through donation and volunteer effort. We continue to do small projects as funds allow and we strive to have a great place for our kids to play and fans to watch. The park is 310 down the lines and 360 in center field. We have also purchased windscreen and signs to dress the field. We welcome support as we strive toward new goals and projects. A special thanks to those who have volunteered their time to making our goals become a reality. In the spring of 2014, we proudly had 60 stadium seats installed for our fans to enjoy the games and dress up our stadium. In 2016, we put up a storage building for hitting nets. We also added 10 seats behind home plate and 38 seats on the visitors side in 2017.