Remote Academic Learning

4.2.2020 - As you most likely know, Governor Whitmer has signed an executive order that suspends face-to-face K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year. We wanted to keep you assured that our district has been actively planning for this possibility and we are hopeful to launch an enhanced remote learning plan shortly after the scheduled spring break. In the meantime, we encourage your children to continue to utilize the resources that teachers have been sending, up until this point. Watch for additional communication to come via email.

Technology Support for Remote Academic Learning

District Technology Support (link coming soon)

Low or No Cost Local Internet Options (link coming soon)


Academic Resources for Families

In response to mandated school closures, many families have been actively looking for additional resources for their children to utilize while at home. Below is a list of common internet-based resources that would provide supplemental learning activities. Some of these resources are generally paid subscriptions, however many of these resources are offering a free trial.  You may have to sign up, but please be aware that they may charge after a period of time.

KHAN Academy - Step by step math instruction

BreakoutEDU - Collection of digital activities students can play at home.


Virtual Museum Trips (Google Search)

CK-12 - A site offering short lessons over a variety of subjects at all grade levels.

Problem of the Month - Math problems from K-10th grade that you can download.

MathShell - A very comprehensive library of cognitively demanding tasks for students at grades 7-12.  The tasks are categorized as Novice, Apprentice or Expert.

Inside Mathematics - Math Performance Tasks  for grade level 2-12.

Shiawassee ISD - Large list of various sites with resources.

Read 30 minutes a day (consider sharing a reflection with your teacher on See Saw, Email or Google Docs!)