Food Service

Shumate Middle School

30448 W. Jefferson Ave.

Gibraltar, MI 48183

Phone: 734-379-7620

Brian Bahr, Director 734-379-7620

Maria D'Alfonso, Secretary 734-379-7619


Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Free & Reduced Application 2022-2023

Frequently Asked Questions 2022-2023

Breakfast is offered daily for ALL students at all Gibraltar Public Schools.  Breakfast service starts 30 minutes before school starts.

If your student qualifies for FREE or Reduced Price lunches, they also get FREE or Reduced price breakfasts.  

Breakfast Pricing

Student Breakfast (Full Pay) = $1.50

Student Breakfast (Reduced Price) = $0.30

Student Breakfast (Free) = FREE

Studies Show Students… 

• Have longer attention spans 

• Perform better at complex tasks 

• Score better on standardized tests 

 • Are more alert 

• Miss fewer days of school 

• Are generally healthier 

…when they eat breakfast!

See you at BREAKFAST!