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Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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Scott Wagner, Director of Curriculum

19370 Vreeland Rd.

Woodhaven, MI 48183

Phone: 734-379-6356

Fax: 734-379-6353


Link to Staff Curriculum Resources (password protected- ask Mr. Wagner, your principal, or a colleague)

The Gibraltar School District Curriculum is designed around the rigorous Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as the Michigan Academic Standards and Grade Level and High School Content Expectations for all other content areas. Information on Michigan’s standards can be found on the Michigan Academic Standards Page.

Our goal is to ensure that all students benefit from a “guaranteed and viable curriculum”. Our teachers and administrators work to identify the “essential skills” needed in each course, subject, and/or grade level. We believe it is more important for students to show mastery on fewer, higher-level skills, rather than“rush to cover” a long list of topics. We strive to deliver relevant and engaging instruction every day so that our students are excited about coming to school and learning with their peers.

In regard to instruction, we provide ongoing professional development to teachers in order to implement best-practice instructional strategies. A few examples include Guided Reading (elementary), Technology Integration (all levels), Effective Questioning Strategies (secondary), and Professional Learning Communities/Data Teams (all levels)

Our approach to assessment is one that is balance, we use both formative assessment experiences to guide our instruction and summative assessments to measure our students’ progress toward mastery of essential skills. We also take part in the annual state testing, as set by the Michigan Department of Education. These assessments help us guide our curriculum and instruction, and give a big picture look at our successes and opportunities.


Currently, the required annual state testing includes the following:

Grade 3, M-STEP - Math, Language Arts

Grade 4, M-STEP - Math, Language Arts

Grade 5, M-STEP - Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social studies

Grade 6, M-STEP - Math, Language Arts

Grade 7, M-STEP - Math, Language Arts, and Science

Grade 8, M-STEP - PSAT 8/9, M-STEP Social Studies and Science

Grade 9, PSAT 8/9

Grade 10, PSAT 10

Grade 11,SAT, ACT Work Skills, M-STEP Science and Social Studies