GSD Board Goals

The goals listed below were developed collaboratively with GSD staff. They are monitored and reviewed annually, and updated as necessary.

Goal #1 – Student Achievement: Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments that promote global learning perspectives, individualized learning and career and college ready.

  • Indicator 1: On state summative assessments, increase the percentage of students scoring at the proficient level to be above the state average.
  • Indicator 2: All students will be provided intervention and/or enrichment strategies and opportunities to increase academic achievement
  • Indicator 3: All students will be provided 21st Century learning opportunities
  • Indicator 4: Students will demonstrate growth in mastery of Michigan Academic Standards in Science (Next Generation Science Standards)

Goal #2 – Support Professional Growth and Instructional Effectiveness: Focus on supporting student growth and learning through an effective instructional program. Create a yearly, cyclical professional development plan that enhances professional training and reinforces and sustains an increase in student outcomes and teacher effectiveness.

  • Indicator 1: Provide continuous, cyclical and yearly professional development plan to increase core instruction effectiveness
  • Indicator 2: Enhance and monitor Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)/data teams, in all buildings in the district

Goal #3 – Provide a Safe Learning Environment: Provide students with a safe and healthy environment that promotes student learning and achievement, resilience, citizenship, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

  • Indicator 1: Continued district wide implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)
  • Indicator 2: Be prepared for Emergency situations
  • Indicator 3: Assure all schools are secure (locked doors, name tags for visitors, etc..) and follow safety protocols.

Goal #4 – Community Relations and Communications: Increase partnerships with our families and community by cultivating a dynamic learning environment focused on student growth and communicating district/building success to all stakeholders.

  • Indicator 1: Increase community involvement within the district
  • Indicator 2: Continue to increase the frequency of Public Relations communication and outreach to the entire school community

Goal #5 – Finance and Maintenance: Maintain a fiscally strong district that takes pride in its facilities and provides a 21st Century learning experience for all students.

  • Indicator 1: Maintain annual balanced budget with a fund balance of at least 12%
  • Indicator 2: Provide a 1-1 learning environment for all students that incorporates 21st Century learning skills
  • Indicator 3: Maintain a clean and well maintained appearance of all facilities