District Administration

Amy Conway, Superintendent 734-379-6351

Scott Wagner, Director of Curriculum and Instruction 734-379-6356

Shawn Stirling, Finance Manager 734-379-6354

Sean Waymaster, Director of Special Education 734-379-6360

Mel Palmatier, Director of Transportation 734-379-6370

Kelly Greenhalgh, Director of Maintenance and Grounds 734-379-6377

Brian Bahr, Director of Food Service 734-379-7620

Carlson High School

Jessica Shultz, Principal 734-379-7101

Matthew Moll, Asst. Principal 734-379-7105

Daniel Kalbfleisch, Athletic Director 734-379-7125

Lakeshore Virtual School

Derek Bezeau, Principal/Director 734-379-7090

Shumate Middle School

Eric Cassie, Principal 734-379-7600

Tracy Richardson, Asst. Principal 734-379-7600

Chapman Elementary School

Leslie Guizzetti, Principal 734-379-6380

Hunter Elementary School/Early Childhood

John Kernan, Principal 734-379-6390

Parsons Elementary School

Kelley Villa, Principal 734-379-7050

Downriver STEM @ Weiss Elementary

David Anderson, Principal 734-379-7060