"Doing Together What Can't Be Done Alone"

The decision by the DCTC Executive Council was announced to close Downriver High School at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Please view the letters below for more information.

DHS Closing Letter to Parents
DHS Announcement Letter from Executive Council

Mission Statement:

Downriver High School empowers at-risk students to become contributing citizens, life-long learners, successful parents, and productive workers. We provide a quality educational program based on high expectations for academic success, regular attendance, active participation and cooperation.

Belief Statements:

1. We believe that all students have the potential to learn.

2. Students learn best when they are actively involved.

3. Students are individual learners with differing learning styles and educational needs.

4. Students must be given the opportunity to reach their potential.

5. Students can learn to productively work both individually and cooperatively with others.

6. We believe that education for our students should be a life-long experience.

Our History:

Downriver High School was developed in October 1986, in response to an intensive study indicating an alarming rise in the number of high school dropouts. The school is a project with the Downriver Career Technical Consortium ( www.resa.net/dctc), consisting of nine school districts.

Our Philosophy

Downriver High School recognizes that not all students learn best in traditional schools. Some students need a different, alternative approach to teaching and learning. Our program is designed to meet the needs and foster academic and personal growth for all students.

What We Do

Downriver High School provides supportive educational opportunities to students who have dropped out or are at-risk of failing within the traditional high school setting. DHS assists students in the development of academic, social, and vocational skills by focusing on the following objectives:

 Positive self esteem

 Student self-reliance and responsibility

 Basic academic skills needed to earn a high school diploma

 Interpersonal/life skills


Offering a student centered curriculum, the dedicated staff of DHS attempts to create a sense of family for students by helping them to identify individual strengths, encouraging them to recognize and build on each success, and assisting them to overcome personal problems that may have led to past failures.


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