Goal #1 – Curriculum and Instruction: Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments. Continuously adapt and improve program delivery in collaboration with all stakeholders.

  • Increase High School ACT average scores by 1 point. Middle School and Elementary buildings will reach yearly proficiency targets. By June 2017.
  • Increase high school graduation rate by 2% by June 2017.
  • All students will show growth on NWEA (math and reading) annually.

Goal #2 – Support Professional Growth and Instructional Effectiveness: Focus on supporting student growth through an effective instructional program, work in collaboration with administration and teachers to enhance evaluation and training, in order to attract and sustain a quality professional staff for all students within budget limitations.

  • Teachers show growth on annual teacher evaluations.
  • Establish and monitor Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in all buildings within the district beginning in September 2014.

Goal #3 – Provide a Safe Learning Environment: Provide students with a safe and healthy environment that promotes student learning and achievement, resilience, citizenship, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

  • Successful district-wide implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) beginning in September 2014.
  • Prepared for all emergency situations.
  • Assure all schools are secure and following safety protocols by performing quarterly audits. March 2014

Goal #4 – Community Relations and Communications: Increase partnerships with our families and community by cultivating a dynamic learning environment focused on student growth, inquiry and communicating district/building success to all stakeholders.

  • Increase community involvement within the district annually.
  • Increase student involvement in community service projects annually.
  • Improve the quality and increase the frequency of media communications within the entire school district and coordinate between buildings. Beginning in September 2014.

Goal #5 –Develop, Implement and Maintain a Sustainable Budget through Fiscal Integrity and Accountability: Implement and maintain a five-year balanced-budget plan in collaboration with all stakeholders.

  • Maintain a positive Fund Balance at all times.
  • Board Approved 3/11/2014

4 Weiss 3rd grade students work on the First Lego League junior project about bees and habitats

STEM Project Opportunities

We continue to expand of STEM project opportunities including access and participation in Robotics clubs and classes. This year we have even included third grade students to participate in the FLLjr competition.


I Love Doing All the Technology and Engineering

I love this school because we do lots of technology and engineering. We also have the best teachers and staff! This is a new school to me this year and I am really enjoying being here. I even have my own Chromebook for my lessons. My mom found this school and knew my brother and I would fit in well. We both love STEM learning! This is the best school ever!


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